Binary Options CySec Regulation

Binary Options CySec Regulation

CySec also known as the Cyprus Security and Exchange is the financial regulatory agency of the republican of Cyprus. This allows firms to have access to the markets without going through the usual strict rules and regulations that are often imposed. In 2012 Cyprus Security and Exchange announced that regulations had to be placed upon Binary options and thus that became their new job. This wasn’t their only job though, in fact once this new law took place they found themselves over-seeing a few new responsibilities as well.

  • What other things did CySec find themselves over-seeing?
  • It took charge of over-seeing the Cyprus Stock Exchange as well as regulating it. This was including, but not limited to all transactions, brokers, broker firms and brokerage.
  • Taking charge and control over LISC (Licensed Investment Services Companies), and other companies that relate in the same way.
  • Allow and give operation licenses to various brokers, firms and brokerage
  • Send penalties to those who are violation of regulations and laws.

The board itself is comprised of five board members who are full time employees and works with a non-voting board of members. The members are chosen by someone else and they all serve a five year term. As you can see the primary goal of the Cyprus Security Exchange is to make sure that everything is well regulated within the laws, rules, and regulations. As they weren’t always governed and didn’t always have a set of rules to follow, it was an extremely important breakthrough for the Cyprus Security Exchange to have been created.

What most may not know who aren’t familiar with them, is that the binary options in reference to CySec was only made available to those in Europe and do not allow people from the United States and other areas outside of Europe to participate. Unfortunately, some false traders and firms have appeared and attempted to create binary options with other traders and firms.

ic_launcher_72x72  Thanks to CySec, they were able to intervene and stop these false firm brokers and brokerages from doing any real damage.

This is one of the main reason that the Cyprus Security Exchange exists. There are always going to be people who are looking for a quick buck and refusing to do it the old fashioned way, and will plagiarize or go to whatever means possible to get that money. Furthermore, depending on where you reside, rules also may be different or disputes may arise. For that reason, Cyprus Security Exchange was established so that these types of matters can and would be handled appropriately. In essence they are like a type of security as well as a mediator in certain instances. Cyprus Security Exchange was probably one of the best things that could have come out of the existence of Binary options.

Along the way since their existence, they’ve been able to modify and create new laws and regulations to even better things in the world of binary options.