Binary Options Bonus

Binary Options Bonus Types

What types of binary options bonus structures are out there, and how can you select the best one for your needs? The simple answer is: research. Knowing yourself and your investment capabilities and expectations, especially if you are new to trading, is the best way to find a bonus that will do the most for you.

The main type of binary options bonus is the sign-up bonus. Just like it sounds, this bonus is offered by brokers to new clients to encourage them to sign-up. The best part of a sign-up bonus, particularly for a new investor, is that it allows you to diversify your options portfolio a bit, increasing familiarity with processes and giving you a little bit of free money to play around with. Brokers hope that this will encourage you to remain with their brokerage, which is why they may also offer other kinds of binary options bonus types. Be sure you understand the restrictions on accessing and removing any sign-up bonus funds.

Referral bonuses may in fact be the simplest structure, and this is used in many types of businesses, from investments to hair salons. In this type of binary options bonus, every time you refer someone to the broker they give you a bonus. Easy, right? The catch is to remember that unlike an affiliate link or product recommendation you are recommending investment services to your friends or family. Don’t be tempted to convince everyone you to know to sign-up only to receive referral bonuses, you may end up straining personal relationships.

Some brokers will offer to match your deposit by a percentage, essentially increasing your initial investment. This structure is often used as a fund raising tactic, and encourages you to increase your deposit and hence, increase the amount matched by the broker.

ic_launcher_72x72  While this is a useful type of binary options bonus, it can also tempt you to invest more so as to maximize the broker’s match. Be sure that you know your maximum desired investment amount; it can be easy to go over your limits for a higher match.

Rebate bonuses are sometimes offered as a way to encourage repeat and long-term business. These can be structured in all types of ways, but will typically reward you with a small amount of your deposit returned, usually released according to a specific time structure (monthly or quarterly are very popular.) This type of bonus is particularly useful for failed investments, as the investor does recoup some of his or her losses.

A binary options bonus offered by a broker is typically an easy and convenient way for new traders to get comfortable with the trading market. By offering a range of bonus structures, brokers can entice new traders and encourage loyal investors to stick around. The key to selecting the right broker and bonus is – as with any investing – to know your limits and to research your options.

Many free sites list brokers and compare their bonus offerings, so with a little time investment you’ll be better placed to increase your monetary investments by finding the right binary options bonus.