60 Second Binary Options

About 60 Second Binary Options

Binary Options can be traded using all sorts of different expiry times.  Times vary from a week to a month, 5 minutes and the fastest being 60 seconds.  This is the best option for traders who are extremely active.

60 Second Options literally last a minute.  So if you’re trade commences at 8:13am then it would expire exactly at 8:14am.  This quick turnaround gives the potential for hundreds of trade to be made in a signal day by one person.

Even if you only risk a small amount on each trade, you can still make (or lose) a lot in just 1 day.

Just like with normal Binary Options, if you believe an asset will increase in price before time expires (60 seconds) then you would buy a call option.  If you believe the price will fall you’ll buy a put option.

The rate of return is generally between 60% – 70% on the amount placed and you get the money you placed back on top of the return.   If you choose wrong you only loose the amount you placed on the trade.

One advantage of 60 Second options is that there is no limit on how much you can trade.  You could technically make a trade every few seconds or even as fast as you can move your mouse.  This is great for taking advantage of any short term opportunities you predict are coming.

You don’t need to worry about finding the time to execute on potential trends, all you need is a minute.  You can also have multiple trades going on at the same time, all expiring within seconds of each other.

One disadvantage of 60 second options is that you can loose money just as fast as you could make it.  Many new traders get excited and begin “ Over – trading”, trying to capitalize on every market move & potential opportunity they see.

Strong market knowledge, research and risk management are still important when dealing with 60 second options.  Many traders wait for their predictions to develop and see a pattern before using the 60 option.

ic_launcher_72x72Compared to other types of Binary Options, the rate of return is also a bit low on 60 second Options.  It’s more common to see a rate of return in the 60’s compared to other types that see between 75-80%

60 Second Binary Options are loaded with potential to take advantage of short term opportunities.  60 Second Options are most ideal for seizing high probability short term options.  This probability is based on research &experience.

There is a risk of over trading because of how fast and easily you can make trades, it’s important to exercise patience and self control.  This is also a poor platform for “revenge trading” – where you take bigger risks on order to recoup your previous losses.

Just like with any other type of trading experience and research cannot be discounted.   However, if you can get the hang of 60 second options you can potentially make a lucrative amount of money on a daily basis with very little work.